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Pastor Shane Duncan

Pastor Shane Duncan was called by God into the ministry soon after he got out of the Army in 1991. He began his theological training at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute and finished his Bachelor of Theology degree at Andersonville Theological Seminary. He continues to work on a Master of Ministry degree.


Along with his wife, Christine, he has three grown sons and six grandchildren. He has pastored five  churches in North Carolina, from the western mountains to the coast, over the last 25+ years. Pastor Duncan and his family began their ministry at Mulvale Baptist Church in November of 2021.


His aim in preaching the Bible is to speak the truth in love. His goal is to lead the church to consistently make, mature, and multiply fruitful followers of Jesus Christ until Jesus returns.

Thank you Pastor Shane

For your dedication to the WORD!     You're doing a great job!!!    We love you and your family very much

For helping us to grow in our knowledge of the Bible and for challenging us to strengthen our prayer life



Pastor Duncan recently began a series of sermons based on the Who’s Your One evangelistic emphasis. Each church member is challenged to prayerfully pick one person for whom he/she will pray and seek opportunities to show that person the love of Christ. The goal is to create a relationship through which the hope and joy of the gospel can be shared.


When the church is obedient to Jesus’s call to be witnesses (across the street and around the world), souls will be saved, and lives will be transformed by His amazing grace. We all look forward to seeing what God will accomplish in our lives and our community.

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